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About Us: History & Legacy

Palmetto Brick is a legacy in the American history of family-owned brick makers.

In 1919, J.L. Anderson – using traditional beehive kilns and an adjacent railway line in the Great Pee Dee River valley – founded a brick company in upper South Carolina with a focus on making a quality product at a fair price. He not only set the tone for operations at Palmetto Brick, but also for four generations of the Anderson family, who have directed the company as master craftsmen ever since. 

The one constant in the company’s long history has been the continuation of Mr. Anderson’s vision: his emphasis on value and his unwavering commitment to creating quality bricks of strength and elegance.

Today, Palmetto Brick is the largest family-owned brick maker in South Carolina, producing more than 150 million brick per year, and remains one of only a handful of American-owned and operated brick manufacturers in the U.S.

The Legacy

  • 1919 – J.L.  Anderson founded Palmetto Brick on the shores of the picturesque Great Pee Dee River in South Carolina
  • 1950s – Palmetto Brick commissioned the building of its first tunnel kiln, the Allied
  • 1968 – A Lingl kiln producing 40 million brick annually was installed in the facility
  • 1978 – A second Lingl kiln was installed to keep up with Palmetto Brick’s immense popularity
  • 1990s – An independent shapes-forming facility was created to serve the high-design niche market
  • 2000s – The 1968 Lingl kiln was overhauled to keep up with production demands
  • 2005 – Palmetto Brick unveils its $28M production facility, one of the most technologically advanced brick manufacturing plants in the country