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Palmetto Brick: Advantages of Brick

The Palmetto Brick advantage

When it comes to building products, brick stands head and shoulders above any other option. Overall, there are several ways brick outperforms other building materials:

  • Insurance premiums are typically lower for a brick house than a vinyl clad house.
  • Because brick withstands heat it offers better fire protection.
  • Brick has better sound performance characteristics to outside noise.
  • Brick offers lower utility costs. Energy efficient homes not only save money for the homeowner, they also reduce the nation's energy needs and build a cleaner environment. Brick's thermal mass makes it an energy efficient material and recent studies have shown that brick homes can lower heating and cooling cost by up to eight percent over vinyl homes of a comparable size.

There are also other factors to consider when weighing the benefits of brick over other options such as vinyl, aluminum or wood siding:

  • Brick offers a wide range of non-fade colors.
  • Brick is a load bearing material.
  • Brick features a lower rate of moisture absorption.
  • Brick is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Brick creates higher resale value for homeowners.